Bollywood award shows exposed

Bollywood award shows

Aren’t we all mesmerized by the glaring aura created by the Bollywood award shows, looking at our favorite celebrities performing in designer clothes, the red carpet, exciting awards, and what not? But the reality behind that glamour is much bitter. In the last couple of years, the award shows have remained in the limelight for their notorious activities. From giving paid awards to insulting the outsiders, the award shows have been successful in fostering nepotism. Many people from the Bollywood fraternity including Varun Grover and Kangana Ranaut have not only outspoken about the harsh reality of the award shows but also boycotted this show. Even Amir Khan never attends these award shows.


Last year, many people were deeply saddened when some of the most terrific and socially-relevant movies like Article 15 and Super 30 weren’t given any awards. This was not the first time rather this is the trend that has been followed for a very long time. Many actors including Rishi Kapoor had admitted that they bought the award by paying money. Whereas phenomenal actors like Irrfan Khan and Manoj Bajpayee had rarely got any awards.

What is more shocking is that many Bollywood movies( like- Angry Indian Goddesses, Masan, the last colour, to name a few) are recognized and awarded on many international platforms but they don’t get any space in these Bollywood media let alone the award shows. Above all, these award shows are only for the actors and directors whereas set designers, costume designers, cameraman, stuntmen, cinematographers, scriptwriters, assistant directors, and many more people who play an indispensable role in making the movie are never given awards. And even if some awards shows have these categories, they don’t form part of the main function and are given separately.



There is not even an iota of doubt that award shows promote nepotism. Although every year, many actors who are outsiders give impeccable performances they are seldom noticed by the so- called critics of these shows. Actors like Vineet Kumar Singh, Tripti Damri, Avinash Tiwary, Amit Sadh, Konkana Sen Sharma, Fatima Sana, Shweta Tripathi, Sanya Malhotra and many more have given outstanding performances but are still struggling to get work. These actors are not even recognized forget about getting an award. Moreover, these actors are often humiliated in the award shows which lower their self-esteem. Anyway, these actors are too good for these award shows.

Ranveer singh & Alia Bhatt


In the last couple of years, many new categories of awards have been introduced in this show which often amuses the audience. Awards like a style icon, a most active user on social media, nothing to hide award, etc, etc. These awards are given just to give screen time to the actors who failed to deliver any performance so that audience can notice them.These are some of the reasons why Bollywood awards are never telecasted live unlike Oscars and other international awards. Award shows have become just the TRP thing that launches newcomers while demeaning the great artists.

Therefore, it’s high time that audience should become mature and should spend their hard-earned money wisely on good movies, promoting good artists. So the next time you decide to watch an award show, think twice before watching it.

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