Are poor grades only criteria to define intelligence?

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“There are two educations.

One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live”

JOHN ADAMS (II US President)

The education sector has been tremendously affected by Covid. As a result, some of the papers of class 10th and 12th were not held. However, the results have been declared based on the internal assessments and the papers which were completed. Like every year, this year also the race of performing better and scoring more marks have not ended by the students, parents, and schools. Soon after the results, schools and coaching institutes start a race as to who has produced better results. There is nothing wrong in celebrating the hard work of students who perform well. But the problem starts when students who don’t perform well are pressurized by our society.

Though there have been a plethora of real-life examples of people who were not good in studies but they have performed exceptionally well in various other fields. Recently, Mr. Nitin Sanghwan, an IAS officer has posted his class 12th mark-sheet on his social media account, where he revealed that he scored just 24 marks in Chemistry but his marks didn’t decide what he wanted from life. Despite all these examples, the obsession of marks among schools and parents
doesn’t end.



Last year a video of Australian professors got viral where he was seen expressing shock over the exceptionally high level of questions asked in the IIT entrance test. They said that the paper was too tough for students and was more about memorizing rather than understanding. 

Many academicians have shown their concern that India’s focuses more on rote learning and memorizing rather than understanding. Instead we need to teach skills which will be important even after ten years. Critical thinking, problem-solving, discussions on new ideas are some of the key areas which are required to be taught in schools. But unfortunately, our exams test our memory and not understanding. This is very disappointing and no wonder that India has the highest number of educated unemployed.



  • Every year thousands of students take their lives due to failing in exams or not scoring good marks or not performing well in their jobs.

  • This is because of the very reason that our education system doesn’t teach students how to handle failures and rejections.
  • We are so much involved in teaching students to chase success that we forget to teach that failures are just a small part of our lives.
  • Our education must teach us how to live with the right attitude.

As the Bollywood movie, three idiots have rightly taught that we should chase excellence and not a success.

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