“People who are battling with mental illness are not weak. Read the third-word battle and the fifth-word illness, they are the people who are battling an illness”.

In the last couple of years, many renowned names and celebrities have come forward accepting that they were once suffering from depression and advocated for focusing on the importance of mental health. Thereafter, besides physical illness, mental illness has also started to be recognized. Earlier there were many myths about mental health including the fact that people who usually live alone or are loner are more vulnerable to suffer from mental illness. But people who are extroverts and are often surrounded by people are equally prone to suffer from mental diseases.


One of the biggest challenges about mental health is the stigma attached to it and mental illness is still considered as something unnatural. Due to the stigma attached to mental health, people feel hesitation in sharing their ordeals and don’t seek help. But the fact is like physical illness, mental illness is very natural and it can be cured in the same way as any physical illness. Therefore, it’s high time that we should be vocal about mental health and make sure that we don’t judge people who battle with mental illness.


One of the primary reasons for increasing mental illness is our changing lifestyles. There was a time where people used to share true and actual bonds with their family and friends and everyone used to stay with each other during their thick and thins. But with the advent of social media, we have started spending our majority of time in the virtual world where we seldom have time for our family and friends. Social media has made our world more chaotic, therefore, in the age of a chaotic world, it becomes important to keep one mentally fit. There are a couple of ways in which one can be mentally fit.


In the last couple of months, people have become more vulnerable to depression and anxiety due to this global pandemic and the uncertainty brought by the pandemic. We all are uncertain about our future, jobs, education, marriage, health, safety, and whatnot. And due to this uncertainty, more and more people have started facing anxiety issues. Sometimes we feel low and uneasy without any reason. Therefore it’s important that we acknowledge our feeling and emotions and try to heal ourselves. We should not overlook our mental health and just like we pay attention to our physical health, we should also take care of our mental health.



1. Consulting Counselor

Consulting a professional is the best option when it comes to suffering from any mental illness. Like physical illness, mental illness also requires a professional’s help. But if you don’t want to undergo medication then you can also try non-medicated ways to heal yourself. Therefore, there are other ways in which one can come out of this phase. But if you are not able to heal by following non-medicated ways then it is advised to seek counselor help.

2. Mindfulness

Concentrating on the present moment without thinking about the past or future is one of the best ways to heal mental illness. Most of the time we fight a battle in our heads because of the worrying about the future or regretting our past. Therefore, enjoying the present moment and taking one moment at a time can help us in curing mental illness.

3. Meditation

Throughout the world, India is famous for meditation, a practice developed by our ancestors which helps in getting inner peace and developing patience. It is scientifically proved that meditation helps in curing mental illness and achieving inner peace. Though a slow process, practicing meditation is one of the most efficient ways to cure mental illness.

4. Exercise

Exercise has not only an immediate effect on our body and brain but it also releases dopamine in our body which makes us happy. Therefore, you can try simple exercises like walking, jogging, or running. Also, many times, remaining physically unfit can be a reason behind remaining mentally unfit. Therefore, physical fitness is indispensable for mental fitness.

5. Writing Journal

Understanding the reason behind how we feel and may help us in healing. It’s very important to be aware of how we feel; therefore writing journals on a regular basis can help us in releasing our emotions.


6. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Whenever any negative though passes our mind, we tend to ignore it or we try to run away from it. But instead of running from the negative feelings and emotions, you should acknowledge the thought without judging yourself and then allow it to pass. In this manner, gradually you will see that these thoughts will stop coming.

7. Keep Yourself Busy

Dale Carnegie in his book “ How to stop worrying and start living” says that the most important thing that can help us in living happily is to keep our mind busy. When our mind is busy, it doesn’t tend to worry about either past or future which has a significant impact on ensuring a peaceful mind.

8. Try Something New

When you are fighting mental illness, you don’t even want to get up from your bed and follow your normal daily schedule. In that case, you must try new things like painting, learning any musical instrument, or even just taking a stroll in nature. Trying something new will divert your mind and you may feel better.

9. Counting on our loved ones

Talking to our family, friends or loved ones can help us in healing as it gives us the satisfaction that we have someone to count on during times of distress.

Apart from all these ways, listening to ted talks, motivational videos, listening to success stories, reading inspirational books can help us in passing this phase. It’s important that we do things that are in our control and not stressing about things that we can’t control. Also, it’s important that we should become more compassionate and kind towards each other and help our loved ones in their difficult phase.

As this is just a difficult phase of our life that will definitely pass on.

And Remember

“What’s broken can be mended,

What hurts can be healed

No matter how dark it gets,

The Sun is going to rise again.”

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