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We all want to look elegant and classy but at the same time due to paucity of time or resources, we are unable to do so. We usually think it would take lots of effort to look fashionable and trendy. But the truth is you don’t need many accessories and fashionable clothes to look elegant rather the simpler you look, the more fashionable you are. Here are some simple ways to look fashionable and classy even on your casual days.

1. Prefer clothes that suit your body type-: 

It’s very important that you choose clothes that fit your body type. It happens very often that we see our friends and try to imitate their look but it might happen that it doesn’t suit our body type. Therefore, go with clothes considering factors like height, weight, and skin tone. It’s important that you are comfortable with your clothes. Wearing clothes that suits you not only makes you pretty but also fashionable.

2. Embrace simple accessories- 

A simple earring or a small hand ring that matches your clothes can look very classy. If you don’t have a matching accessory you can also try a simple black or silver accessory that can go with every color.

3. Go with open hair-

What’s sexier than open hairs. Opening hairs don’t only look casual but also gives a very elegant look. Above all, open hair goes with any dress that you wear.

4. Go with Goggles-

 The combination of open hairs and goggles can make anyone look elegant. Therefore, choose goggles that suit your shape-cut and go with this evergreen

5. Try simple shade lipstick-

A light shade lipstick according to your skin-tone gives a very sexy look. But make sure that you don’t wear a apply a dark shade lipstick on casual occasions.

Simple Gadgets

6. How about a black hand-bag-

Although you can try the handbags that match with your clothes but if you carry a black handbag then it’s the icing on the cake. Black not only matches with every color and clothes but also makes you feel royal and elegant.

7. Paint your nails- 

Painting your nail according to the color of your clothes give you a sophisticated look. But if you don’t like painting your nails then you can try transparent nail-paint which will make your nails shine

8. Try heels- 

If you are comfortable with heels, then you must give it a try. Heels, not only gives you confidence but also makes you classy

9. Let’s be trendy- 

What can be more fashionable then going according to the trend. There are different trends according to seasons of clothes, accessories, and bags. So if possible,
try to find out the latest trend and if suits you and you are comfortable with it then follow it.

10. Wear that gives you comfort- 

The most important factor that makes your look classy is to wear clothes and carry things in which you are comfortable. So, make sure that you are comfortable with yourself.

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