Skincare routine for people with oily skin

People having overactive sebaceous glands need to be very careful with their skincare routines. Sebaceous glands can give you a tough time in maintaining your skin because excess secretion of sebum will give you shiny, greasy-looking skin that can give you skin problems like acne, black, and whiteheads, enlarged or clogged pores. The solution for all these problems is to keep the secretion of oil in control. For that, you need to take care of your skin very efficiently.
But there are few positive points also like skin aging will be a slow process for you, because oil tends to 

But there are few positive points also like skin aging will be a slow process for you, because oil tends to lock moisture in the outermost layer of the skin that is the epidermis.

So here we have some skincare and  beauty tips for you that will help you in having a flawless skin-

1.) Cleansing-

The best and most important step for taking care of oily skin is cleansing. Clean your skin at least twice or thrice a day. Keep your skin clean always, keep away dirt and oil accumulated that can clog the pores. Use any gel-based and foaming cleanser. Medicated soaps are also a good option for cleansing oily skins. But never go for aggressive cleansing as this can remove the natural moisturizer which will lead to more production of sebum from glands.

2.) Scrubbing-

It is necessary to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Excess sebum production will increase dead skin accumulation that can lead to acne, blackheads, white heads, and obviously dull-looking skin. So exfoliate your skin using a mild scrub.

3.) Face Mask:-

 Applying a face mask after the scrub is very important for skincare. Always apply face mask after the scrub. Face mask containing Kaolin and Bentonite clay, Sandalwood, Fuller’s Earth is very good for oily skin as they will absorb all the excess oil from the skin.

4.) Toning-

Toning your skin is very important on a daily basis. This will cleanse away excess and oil and dirt from the skin. Rosewater is best for toning purposes. Use an alcohol-free toner to regulate sebum.

5.) Moisturization :-

It’s a very wrong belief that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer. If you will not keep your skin moisturized and hydrated than sebaceous gland will release more sebum to compensate. So use an oil-free and water-based moisturizer.

6.) Sunscreen lotion-

Because of greasiness, many women having oily skin don’t use sunscreen lotion that leads to brown spots, pigmentation, and freckles. Hence use a gel-based sunscreen lotion that will give you adequate protection from the sun.
Stay away from oily and sugary food items. Drink an adequate amount of water to flush off toxins. All these together will give you a healthy, glowing and flawless skin.

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