Sonu Sood

Human kind has witnessed a lot of catastrophes but the Covid-19 is an exception. It’s the longest battle that we all are fighting. But with every challenge that nature poses to humanity, we find people who come ahead as a ray of hope. Likewise, during this pandemic time also, we have seen so many people coming forward and helping each other, thereby, raising the flag of humanity. Actor Sonu Sood is one such person, who has immensely helped people who are suffering hardships. From helping migrants in reaching their homes to gifting tractors to farmers, Sonu has become an inspiration for all of us.



On being asked about what inspired him to do this act of generosity, he said “I’ve been a part of the film industry for twenty years and done about 100 films. But nothing I’ve done so far has given me this kind of inner peace and satisfaction, says Bollywood actor Sonu Sood .The sense of satisfaction that comes to Sonu from helping these distressed migrants is beyond words. I now feel that I migrated to Mumbai to be an actor so one day I could help these migrants.

                        I feel this was something I was born to do. I feel blessed that God has chosen me for this mission.” Sonu Sood said that he never thought that he would be a part of such a large-scale migratory movement. “Thousands of people walking with little kids and elders …I never thought I’d see this in my life. When it happened I couldn’t sit at home making videos and discussing digital content. 

I wanted to come forward and hold the hands of these distressed migrants and tell them,‘Boss, you are not alone, we are with you. You build our homes office roads and you are the heartbeats of our country and there’s no way I can let you down’. I promised them I’d do my best to see them reach home.”

Sonu Sood


Intending to help two crore people in finding employment, Sonu has tied up with Learnet Skills which a joint venture between National Skill Development Corporation and School net India.“Every time I sent someone home, they would tell me we will come back if we get work. They would call me from their villages and say ‘sir kaam dila do’ (please help in getting a job). 

I realized that there was a gap in their skill sets and available jobs. Most of them did not have access to information on jobs either,” DAYS Sonu who himself an engineer by qualification. 

Sonu Sood has created an example that how one can use one’s power and money for the benevolent cause. The work done by Sonu is not only commendable but has also inspired millions of people to help each other in the time of distress. Actor Sonu has set a high benchmark for kindness, compassion, and empathy and restored our faith in humanity.

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