The Dark Side of Media


Hotly debated topic of the day media is communal mistrust between citizens on issues language/faith/religion and often non-issues of any significance. Never the less, these topics act as catalyst for provoking flare up adding fuel to the fire.

Communal outbreak over issues and language is a common phenomenal or sight we witness in open debate in television how aggressively topic on national issues requiring to be addresses in a rational manner are debated so much so more often than not resulting open brawl in full public view.


It is shut and open issue today modicum of decency of civilised debate is a thing of the gone by days. Modicum of decency is now a byword. Leaders get provoked on petty non-issues even and start throwing tantrums to scare the public. 

                 Such action provoke public anguish and they lack lose their tampers. Culminating in violence and arson, loss of life and property etc. the chain reaction is an enemas communal flare-up and disharmony. A vicious circle engulfs the nation bringing bad name. It is the primary responsibility of the government to provide its citizen safe life.

                         We find the government has badly faltered more often than not naught in its primary duty leave alone other granted safeguards provided under the constitution, arsons, murder, speak volume about the state of affairs of governance, it is really high time the government awakes and must act swiftly and quick before it is too late and the situation slips out of hand to culminate further into chaos.

                 Hope the government peruses its primary obligation to provide good governance to its citizen without any further loss of time.

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